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Logic (II) (re-edited)

Man's first and hitherto only persistent attempt to impersonally arrive, by way of language and reason "alone", at a universal, unassailable and inarguable "objective" foundation...

Dualism (re-edited)

Oh how obscene, grotesque and yet commendable the voluminousness and intensity of rhetorical activity that the early centuries of Christian thought engaged in order to arrive at what is now considered "orthodoxy".

The Great Unknowable “I” (re-edited)

... He who speaks in various ways and times from, through and to History itself... is That which never has, will nor even can "educate" the subject man with and to a so-called "truer" understanding of his own nature and essence

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Devil walks into bar. Orders drink. Asks Philosopher sitting next to him: “And what do you do?”

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