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The Holy Trinity (edited)

God will not be mocked, least of all by man who believes it is his right and privilege to mock, denigrate, and "deconstruct", if only for the sake of mockery, denigration, and deconstruction.

The Heart (edited)

The unredeemed mind left to its own devices - which are innumerable and diverse - is a battlefield of unending, brutal, neverending, and ruthless war.

Psychologizing (edited)

Why does God allow men, even His chosen flock, to endure a life of flesh with all its travails and deceits, pitfalls and futilities when He has already and enduringly saved them from the flesh and resurrected their members to new life in the Spirit?

The Dead (edited)

Only he who has been arrested by such truths can glory in them and give glory to the God who has declared them to all creation. He who has not, will, of course, not.

Not Many… (edited)

Any so-called "new" or "novel" notion of faith is in no way new or novel, nor are they in any way faith at all, nor even "thought", properly understood.

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