Nov 6 – The Tragedy of The Body (re-edited)

The greatest Tragedy of The Body is its sacrifice of Truth.


Among a people who find themselves utterly dominated by the tyrannical sensuality of the Body as expressed through legal, cultural, artistic, religious, and social sanction, sanction that in every case would have replaced the old plumbline of the “Truth” and its shared reality (however thin and delicate such communality might be among a society of Subjective individuals), that plumbline which may have once united a people around a communal value, image, epic, person, and/or Deity (never mind how relativistically distorted), by moderating a society’s extremes unto a certain undeniable center of gravity so as to grant them a definitive point of objective reference by which a people’s warring dialectical polarities might find common ground and a consensual point of existential departure, such ones will, once the erosion of said plumbline has completed, no longer be pulled toward the antithetical necessity of their opposite but repulsed away without a lasting, constructive synthesis; repulsion that will, in time, become so pronounced that the two sides will eventually inhabit completely different “realities” with differing values and foreign ethics, incomprehensible morals, offensive artistic standards, and brutish conduct of thought, each one antagonistic to its former brethren without hope of peace or enduring rest to be had in any compromise that the two sides might feign produce; “truth” and by it, justice and reconciliation – those legal and spiritual means which provide the existential stability of a people by which “a people” cannot not be considered as such without – which will become impossible and be forced, by way of this impossibility, to breakup and separate completely, at which point a new plumbline will be established in these newly-realized groups around which their differing inclinations will be drawn so that a productive synthesis might be achieved (or not), the initial plumbline which allows such a group to produce, grow, maintain, and mature, the latter plumbline which will only force further divisions and manifold bifurcations, leading to the unavoidable downfall of the former society and eventually the greater civilization that such ones once composed its ranks.


The greatest Tragedy of The Body is its sacrifice of Truth.


In a Subjective Age, The Body and Truth (and by it, art, beauty, and catharsis) cannot peacefully coexist as distinct, or in this case, “real” or “actual” entities unless Morality is also affirmed, practiced, upheld, honored, and legitimized as necessary, just, and good; Morality which always mitigates on behalf of Truth against the progressive expression of The Body which – again, in a Subjective Age in which It is that Age’s chief embodiment – it would otherwise be powerless to challenge so that certain transcendent values might be apprehensible through intimation with and of truth on the part of man who singularly longs and cannot long persist without.