Nov 3 – Skepticism Cont. (re-edited)

Skepticism is, in every way, the Body's most preferred psychological tool it uses to rid itself of... any and all moral hindrance...


Skepticism is, in every way, the Body’s most preferred psychological tool it employs to rid itself of (so that it may dominate and claim existential preeminence over) every moral hindrance placed upon it by personal conscience, ethical proscription, or questions of character, or religious dogma, familial loyalty, communal responsibility, respect for tradition, for fathers, deference to rulers, kings, and most important, submission to God. The Body principally expresses itself via skepticism by continually reducing the transcendent potentialities of the mind, spirit, and heart to mere spasms of the physical senses (never mind how glorious); reductions that eliminate even the possibility of an a priori origination or continuation of any phenomena of experience by asserting – through overwhelming sensual grandiosity if need be – itself as the beginning and definitive shore of every departure; Skepticism which coerces Reason away from its highest, most transcendent and essential role – which, as logos, is to commune with Logos – and thereby employs it to increasingly undermine the possibility of external, a priori, eternal, or objective existence of any “thing”; The Body which thereafter delimits, decides, and dictates the entire realm of all experiential phenomena, relegating Reason’s only role to be the reinforcer, maintainer, and retainer of the Body’s rule over reality itself, whether ultimate or mundane.


Stopping not there with the mere dominion over the mind, intellect, Logos, and spirit of the single individual – the Body, through its twin subjects – Skepticism and unadorned Reason – reaches beyond itself – first through the lone individual and later, similarly-minded groups of individuals – toward and into the society, culture, and civilization in which it finds itself so that it might influence, sway, coerce, and ridicule the arts, thoughts, mores, laws, discourse, and education of a people unto itself so that its apparent truths and values might delimit the whole of the possibilities of the entirety of a people, all of them rendered into its own unremarkable image.

We call this social evolutionary phenomenon “Liberalism”.