Post Script

... by far the easiest and safest bet a man can make...


by far the easiest and safest bet a man can make – so easy and safe that he needn’t deliberate long nor deeply on the question as to whether he should wager the entirety of not only his house but also yours and also every possible house in the known universe on its outcome – is to say there is no God. Indeed, do not the greatest minds, most erudite thinkers, and esteemed geniuses our race has produced attest to this undeniable truth in ways eloquent, profound, and unending, their attestations which the very trajectory and apparent evolution of history itself, from the snowy Apollonian peaks of Socrates until now, have confirmed in and through the inexorable materialism, scientism, and rationalism that so tyrannizes our present age and forces all so condemned to toil under its thrall to confirm such a truth as not only right but also just and good?