True and Truth (edited)

"Truth is never pleasant."

What is true might be obtained through works; truth through unmerited grace, specifically, from He that is truth itself.

Therefore, truth of any kind, which is in every instance the revelation of Christ, cannot be reasoned, rationally arrived at, or logically deduced but can only be received from God who chooses to freely give this measure of grace to those whom He will; He and His which is, of course, an affront and an offense to the reason of man which will never be able to comprehend Him because reason cannot. All of the “insights” that man may derive, yay, even those that have attained a kind of universal, scientific, or mathematical consensus, are merely “true” in a temporary, passing sense but cannot be “Truth” in an ultimate and transcendent sense, never mind if most of the foundational arenas of our society are built upon such things that merely appear to be “true”.

For “this world is fading away, and will fade along with everything that people crave. But anyone who does what pleases God will live forever. {1 John 2:17}

To the extent that our civilization no longer believes that Truth is even tenable or possible, specifically the truth of God (if it ever in good conscience had been tenable), merely reveals that our civilization has not been given the enduring revelation of Christ from God, but had, in reality, merely “believed in ‘true things’ concerning Him.”

Indeed, because postmodernity has now delimited the extent of all knowledge, coherency, and consistency, postmodernity has thereby shown the true face of every “true thing” we have hitherto held dear as the false deceptions that they are and have always been. Such things, perhaps, have not been false with regards to the utilitarian applications required for the making of science and technology and the construction of objects, but false with regards to absoluteness and ultimateness of reality itself which, of course, is neither absolute nor ultimate if arrived at apart from the grace of God in the knowledge of His Son as Lord and source of all.

Now that we as a civilization have arrived at “the present” which presents itself as “the untenability of the grounds for all things” (i.e. nihilism), we therefore, having also dispensed with every false conception about God, goodness, virtue, ethics, justice, as well as the possibility of Truth, are now able to receive a truthful revelation from God, even a near-universal revelation — one that is divested of and from the prior trappings of that “good society” and “high-mindedness” which formerly shrouded the actual revelation of God; the outer garments of which, having been ripped from the bodies which ferried them, can now be seen “for what they are” in all their raw, unmitigated glory. Only now is either a so-called “revival” at all possible among His chosen, or perhaps also a final judgment, the two which are nearly indistinguishable when they are fully revealed to and in man.

Understand, dear reader, it is in no way your prerogative to agree or disagree with the things I have written or believe them to be true, it is only the prerogative of the Spirit of Truth which gives life and light to man, through either my words, your understanding or both. That He may give it to you in the measure He has given me for His glory is my sole want and hope for this book, as it has, either secretly or explicitly, been with all my works to date and will be of those that I will, God willing, in future compose.

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“Truth is never pleasant.”