Sept 29 – Scientific Models (re-edited)

Of the many deceits indulged by modern man, chief most is his unwavering belief and continual profession of faith in... scientific models and paradigmatic frameworks

Of the many deceits indulged by modern man, chief most is his unwavering belief and his continual profession of faith in the presumably eternal and immutable efficacy of the scientific models and paradigmatic frameworks of thought that have been bequeathed to him by the mere happenstance of his birth; models that he, with the blind and innocent zeal of an aspiring hierophant, seldom, if ever, question. Through his unconscious embrace of these models does he judge the whole of human history – to include the moral content of every far flung star and distant galaxy – according to the discrepancy he perceives there to be between his own apprehension of the “truth” of the past vetted and filtered through the thoughtless application of his inherited paradigmatic model which he had no hand whatsoever in devising; models that – because the past as well as the innumerable apparent realities of the present (to say nothing of future realities) would otherwise be incomprehensible to him without – he cynically uses to not merely discredit the sincerity of the past but to also undermine and lambast their every achievement and mode of being through the incessant re-transfiguration of the words of the wizards who first devised the models as well as the continual revision of their thoughts, deeds, and way of life all so that he might not, in turn, be forced to question and potentially discredit too harshly his own way of life and mode of being; his treatment thereof that the men of the future might very well do to him if they were to practice the same, we moderns who will no doubt seem as unenlightened ignorant buffoons to future man, the same as the past seems so dim and dull to us.